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2019 membership renewals have been mailed to all 2018 paid members, except those having only joined in 2018 who have not completed their Work Party requirement. If you qualify for membership renewal and have not received your renewal form contact Membership Chair Scott (215-527-6180) or Jen (215-527-6181) Maston or  

Current 2018 member renewal for 2019 membership has been extended for receipt until February 10, 2019. No exceptions will be made for late renewals beyond this date. If you submit a renewal after this date you must submit it as a new member application with the $35.00 fee, participate in a new member work party or pay the waiver fee, and complete the new member orientation program.

Schedule of Events

March 13th - Monthly Meeting - 7:00pm

March 23rd - Work Party - 8:00am to Noon

April 6th - Tactical Pistol Shoot - 8:00am

April 6th - New Member Orientation - 1:00pm

April 10th - Monthly Meeting - 7:00pm

April 13th - Kids Fish Rodeo - Noon to 3:00pm

April 14th - Trap Sunday - 8:00am to 3:00pm

April 14th - New Member Orientation - 10:00am

May 4th - Tactical Pistol Shoot - 8:00am

May 4th - New Member Orientation - 1:00pm

HELICE (ZZ BIRD) INTRODUCTORY SHOOT - Saturday April 27, 2019…Noon to 5:00pm

Come out and try this exciting form of flying target shooting designed to replicate live pigeon shoots. Machines launch ZZ birds which are plastic targets consisting of a white central witness cap and orange body with winged propellers simulating the erratic flight of live pigeons.

The shooter has two shots at each bird to dislodge the witness cap from the propellers and have it land within the Ring with a radius of 25 yards from the launcher to score a dead bird.

  • Cost: Fun Shoot - 5 birds for $15 or 10 birds for $25
  • 10 Bird / 10 Shooter Races - $30 entry fee - First and Second Place winners splitting $50 prize purse 60/40, ties divide
  • 12 Gauge - 2 ¾” - 1 1/8 oz - #7 ½ shot max load. No restrictions on choke.
  • Sign-up begins at Noon and close at 4:00pm. Last squad out by 5:00pm.





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