Rifle and Pistol Ranges

The rifle range facilities include (2) 200 yard, (2) 100 yard, and (1) each 25, 50 and 75 yard ranges, all with covered shooting benches. The separate pistol range is 25 yards with covered bench and includes steel plate targets. There are restrictions on ammunition allowed on the steel targets, please see signs posted on the range.

You must display your current Membership Card when using the rifle or pistol ranges. If your card is not displayed and you are questioned by an Officer, Trustee, or member of the club and you do not respond with a civil answer you may be dismissed from the club immediately.

No shooting is allowed before 8:00 AM, or on ranges when indicated Closed by the signs. No shooting at anything other than paper targets fastened to the target racks provided with a proper backstop, and only the provided steel targets on the pistol range.

No shooting at posts or cross bars of the target racks, targets set at mid-range, or cross shooting on ranges. No shooting of full automatic weapons of any type or .50 BMG guns. Eye and ear protection is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for rifle and pistol shooting and for spectators on any range.

Please observe all safe gun handling rules and especially keep all gun muzzles pointed downrange with the action open and safety on until ready to fire. Absolutely no loaded guns in the clubhouse.

Failure to obey all range rules is grounds for dismissal.

Tactical Pistol Matches are held the first Saturday of each month, starting at 8:00am, weather and range conditions permitting. Equipment required includes any handgun in a handgun caliber (except magnums), a strong side holster, magazine or speedloaders and carriers to hold up to (30) rounds total, and a total of (100) rounds of ammunition. Fee for the Match is $5.00 Watch the "Schedule Changes" webpage for updates on cancellations due to weather or range conditions.

ALL Rifle and Pistol Ranges are closed during the monthly Trap Shoot the second Sunday of each month until 4:00pm.
Lower Rifle Range is Closed During Skeet Shooting. Upper Rifle and Pistol Ranges are Open.
Ranges may be closed as needed for maintenance. Please observe posted signs.
Upper Rifle Range - 75, 100 & 200 yards
Middle Rifle Range - 50 yards
Lower Rifle Range - 100 & 200 yards
Lower Rifle Range - 25 & 50 yards
Handgun Range with Steel Plates & Paper Target Stations

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